Posted by: The CHASTITY Ring | November 1, 2012


Encircling The World With Pure Love

We of The CHASTITY Ring have devoted many hours to this Site in order to make it one that you may both Use Now and  Return To over and over again in the future.  We have hopefully addressed all your Chastity concerns and questions to the best of our own ability and through extensive research, when needed, in order to serve you better.

Our SIDEBAR Room Names at the Right are linked to whatever kind of information the Title suggests.  So, just Click on whichever Room interests you and you will be granted access to that Room.  You are free to copy whatever Information you find there, and either keep it for yourself, or share it with others.

ALSO of Interest - Our FAQ Tab is a very useful one for the LGBT Community especially, in that it addresses the issues of Gay Sexuality and Chastity for those who wish to follow the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church regarding Chaste Living.

THE 12 STEPS PROGRAM we each contributed to has been revised to place the emphasis on How to Live a Life of CHASTITY using the 12 Steps of AA.

In Addition, there is Another Program called, The Spiritual Path of Chastity; Practices and Discipllines (see SIDEBAR) with the same Theme, for whomever prefers it to the 12 Steps.

Rooms for Prayer and Meditation are in the SIDEBAR as well.  Even a Page about the Consecration to Jesus through Mary as per the Formula of St. Louis de Montfort.

And Lastly - A MailBox is provided in the SIDEBAR for your Personal and Private inquiries, should you wish to Write us with any questions or concerns.

Take your time, Read our Posts, Enter the Rooms, Come and Go as you please.  We are confidant that you will find Something that is especially meant just for YOU!

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